Children's Dentistry

We take the dental health of children very seriously. As parents ourselves we are only too aware of the importance of regular check ups combined with oral health education. Our aim is for the children in our practice to grow up with great teeth and the knowledge to help them keep their teeth for life!

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We like to make a visit to the surgery fun and relaxed for children and our dentists and staff are always willing to offer all the time and reassurance that each child needs. We reward their visits with gifts and goodie bags which always prove successful in motivating them to return for their regular check ups!

During school holidays our dental team organise special fun sessions concentrating on good oral hygiene techniques and an understanding of dental disease and diet. Children particularly enjoy these visits and we find they go a long way towards improving the oral health of our younger patients.

Because of our commitment to providing the best dental care, we treat all children on a private basis. This enables us to spend more time with them and also to provide them with all the benefits of the advanced dental treatments and materials we offer our older patients.

We offer Dental Plans which allow you to budget for your child's routine care whilst also providing a 50% reduction in the normal fees for supplementary treatments. The plans also include an insurance package to safeguard you from any costs following a dental injury. These plans start from as little as 5 a month.


Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry dedicated to straightening teeth, closing gaps and correcting bites using braces. We work closely with Dr George Simpson, an excellent orthodontist here in Stratford upon Avon. When the dentist, the patient and the parents feel that orthodontics would be beneficial, we can arrange for a consultation with Dr Simpson. This can either be on a private or NHS basis. The Department of Health have recently raised the criteria necessary for a child to receive NHS orthodontics but Dr Simpson will be able to advise parents on each individual case.

Not just for kids....

Braces are not just for children anymore! Increasingly large numbers of adult patients now undergo orthodontic treatment and advances in braces mean that they are often almost imperceptible to others. Adult orthodontics is always carried out privately and referrals to Dr Simpson can be arranged.

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